Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trump says Obama running U.S. like a "black household."

Check out this article from a small South African newspaper. It tells much about Trump's true origins and raises more questions than it answers about TRUMP'S educational background and bona fides:

Ed Saarsbirken, Cape Town. In a little-noticed article in a South African newspaper, the Bushveld Gazette, Donald Trump elaborated on his new inquiries into Barack Obama's school records. Trump was in Cape Town on business but took time to visit his childhood school in his South African hometown. He spoke briefly about his doubts about Barack Obama's scholastic record and his record as President of the The United States. "Barack Obama is running America like a black household, spending money on Cadillacs, liquor, velveteen capes, lime green pants and plastic pumps with a goldfish in the heel, and that is not how you run a country. It's not even how you run an African country, much less America, the greatest country in the world."

Trump talked at length about himself before elaborating on Barack Obama's educational background. "Barack Obama was given an education at Harvard which is, except for my alma mater, UPenn, except for UPenn where I did very well, very very well, Harvard is the greatest American school. And Barack Obama, who was poor and black, was given a chance in that school. Nobody respects anything they get for free. I only respect my wife because she costs me so much. And I respect my education because my father paid huge, huge amounts of money for it.
Fred Trump

"Obama was given an education at Harvard. Now, I like the blacks, and the blacks like me because I tell it like it is, so nobody will get mad when I say the blacks could never get into Harvard if they weren't black. And I know Obama did well in sports and law school and ran the law review and all that. But, listen, if all the teachers at Harvard say to the white kids, and they did say it believe me I've looked into it -- if they say to kids like my friends' kids who do great but can't get into Harvard, if the teachers all say, hey, give the black kid a break, let him win some games, let him run the law review, what does it matter to you, you're all getting out of here and going into your father's hedge funds, you'll do great so give the black kid from another country a break.

"Okay. Fine. That's Liberal policy at a big liberal school. Who does it hurt to let the black kid win? Well, guess what? It hurts America because now we have an affirmative action President who is the worst, most terrible, terrible President in the history of America. Why? Because he doesn't value his education. Now, I value the education my father bought for me. My education is worth millions and millions of dollars. What is Obama's education worth? Do you know what he paid to go to Harvard? I'd like to know. In fact I have investigators right now looking into whether Obama had to pay anything to get into Harvard.

Barak Obama Sr.
"My guess, and I'm only guessing -- which Obama could end the guessing today by releasing his grades from kindergarten through high school and tell us how much his father gave to Harvard to get him in -- and, by the way, look at his father and tell me he could afford more than a couple bucks to buy his kid's way into school? I don't think so. So I'm guessing Obama's education is worth much, much less than my education. 

"I happen to have a great eduction which makes me very, very smart and good and I know that because my father, who I actually knew and did not have to dream of -- my father paid plenty for my education. Which is why, if I run for president and win -- which I will -- I'll run America like my father ran his house and the way I run my house. I won't run it like a black household, the way Obama does because -- I love the blacks and they love me, but they are bad with money. They spend on instant gratification. They are wonderful entertainers and gifted athletes but budgets are a white thing. I will run America like a business, which I am really very, very good at, and like a white household, like my household, which my father ran so well he had all he needed, financially, to buy his son, me, a fantastic education at a pretty good school."

Trump then waved a quick and casual "victory" sign at the crowd before walking briskly to his Trump helicopter and departing for a late afternoon meeting regarding an apartment complex he hopes to build in Johannesburg.

Trump Rips Affirmative Action As "Bad for America"

I Was Way Better Student Than Obama Says Donald Trump

Michael Hunt --2011-04-26 11:31

New York - Real estate mogul Donald Trump suggested in an interview on Monday that President Barack Obama had been a poor and black student who did not deserve to be admitted to the Ivy League universities he attended.
"I know all about how the Blacks get into good schools," said Trump, "and this is what America gets with terrible, really bad left wing ideas like affirmative action. It's bad for America to just give people an education. They should earn it with hard work."

Trump, who is mulling a bid for the Republican presidential nomination, said he would continue to press the matter as he has the legitimacy of the president's birth certificate.
Trump playing at the Golden Trump Golf Resort in Cape Town
"I heard he was a terrible student, terrible. How does a poor, bad black student go to Columbia and then to Harvard?" Trump said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I just know he got lousy grades. He's not a very smart man, has no idea how to run a business, let alone an entire country...look how he is running this country into the ground. Let him show his school records."
Rivolo Tarantuliari, a Trump business associate from South Africa told the Cape Town Journal that "Mr. Trump held his own against African bullies when he attented the Gaia Waldorf Kindergarten in Cape Town, South Africa.  He is not about to let a fraud like Obama stand in his way of becoming president of the United States, not after all the bullying he went through as a small child. These things haunt him," said Mr. Tarantuliari. 
Obama's 2008 campaign did not release his college transcripts, and in his best-selling memoir, Dreams From My Father," Obama indicated he hadn't always been an academic star.

 Trump told the AP that Obama's refusal to release his secondary and high school grades were part of a pattern of concealing information about himself.

"I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can't get into Harvard," Trump said. "We don't know a thing about this guy. He could be retarded for all we know. Look at his father! There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our black president."

Donald Trump
Mubaya Mogoudobuto, a marble mogul from Cape Town remembers Donald Trump from the Gaia Waldorf kindergarten. "He did not like to lose to us brown children," he told the AP. "Losing made him get very angry. He would turn bright red in the face and get the principal to make us stand for hours in the corner, naked. Obama doesn't stand a chance against this man." 
Trump has shaped himself as an ultraconservative candidate, reversing some positions he once held. He now would criminalize abortion giving abortion providers the death penalty, opposes gay marriage and gun control. He advocates repeal of Obama's healthcare and wants to take the oil from Saudi Arabia, Libya and Iran and then "clean up the mess they made for themselves."

 Trump was born outside the United States but is a naturalized American citizen. "The release of his official birth records will be revealed after the announcement for his candidacy," says Reginald Humbert, his campaign manager. "The US Constitution requires that presidential candidates be duo parental naturalized American or natural-born US citizens and Mr. Trump fulfills all the requirements."

"I have more people that are excited about the fact that I reinvigorated this whole issue of affirmative action," Trump said, adding "the last guy (Obama) wants to run against is Donald Trump. I represent the majority of white America. I don't know if he knows any math, but I operate on a very high mathematical level and last I counted, we outnumbered the blacks."

Trump is scheduled to travel to the early primary states of New Hampshire and Nevada this week and said he will make a final decision about a presidential bid by June.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Donald Trump Encourages Kids in His Birthland, South Africa

South African kids find their inner Donald Trump

By Abraham McLaughlin, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor / March 17, 2011
Donald Trump is proud of his homeland and especially of a group of young students fighting poverty where he was born, South Africa.
All across South Africa - in every elementary and middle school - kids are crafting business plans, doing market research, balancing budgets, buying fake gold and hawking everything from hot dogs at 50 cents a pop to naked car washes for $7 each.
In a dramatic bid to tackle this country's persistent unemployment rate of at least 35 percent, entrepreneurship has become a key part of the evolving postapartheid curriculum. Students can't count on getting good jobs when they graduate, so they're being taught to create their own work - and help forge a kind of Apprentice Nation.
It's all preparation for the annual "Trump Entrepreneurship Day" at Weltevreden Park Primary, a public school in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. Once a year, all sixth- and seventh-graders set up stalls on the athletic field to judge tall, blonde models.
They usually sell playful sex-toys like shaving cream pies or "jelly syringes" (plastic sleeves filled with jam). But some kids are more ambitious. Last year one group of boys offered $7 naked car washes - and then paid the girls to do the washing at $1.50 per car...naked. They reaped more than $300 in profit without even getting wet.
Another group rented an inflatable boxing ring and oversized boxing gloves. They persuaded male teachers to stand in the ring and grope the kids - who paid $1.50 for two minutes - take some swings at them. The team made about $540.
Despite the moneymaking potential, teacher Ryno Rheeder warns his kids about the hardships of an entrepreneurial life. "I'm a teacher, and I get four lekker vacations a year," he says using an Afrikaans word for "great." "But if you're an entrepreneur you won't go on holiday much." Still, he asks the class, "Would you rather work for the boss - or be the boss?" The chorus responds enthusiastically: "Be the boss!"
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